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Maya was just a normal school girl from Shibukawa. Friends, sport cars, school and her crush Taka. Unfortunately it changed soon after their graduation. Maya finally decided to confess her love to Taka, but on her way to his house she saw him holding hands with some other girl. Maya was furious, so she entered her Mazda Miata to escape from all of this and clear her mind. Some time since her departure she realised that the girl Taka was with was his sister. If only she knew this was her last trip... She woke up in Yomi (Land of Darkness). Now its you mission to help to get out of this place, and avenge her mysterious death and get back to Taka...

Simple 2d platformer where your goal is to go from up to down, and to complete all 15 levels. Its not that easy as you could think! 45 hearts and 15 knives to collect!

Version 1.0.0

You only need keyboard to play this game, and to be more specific only "wsad", "space", "enter" and "escape".

Help Mayu to get back on earth and get back to Taka!

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OnryōPit 1.0 Windows.rar 16 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and launch .exe file <3


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Game is good. But only 13 level was really hard, however other levels are good.

I like that character dies when you press 'ESC'. Reminds me Postal 2. 

I've done this game in 10 minutes, but it's worth playing.

Very nice game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a master ! 

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for your comment <3


Cool game. Waiting for more. Would love to see more levels :3

Thanks <3. I'm working now on procedural generated levels!